Nuisance Anemone


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I am have a problem with Nuisance Anemone's and am looking to find a fish that will eat them but not my other corals, does anyone have any ideas? :notsure:


You could also try a Foxface butterfly fish.
Only problem you may have is that it may decline after al your aptasia are gone (they are finicky as to what they eat).
Good Luck.
(p.s>>>If you only have a few, you would probably be better off simply killing them with an injection of 0.1-0.2cc of concentrated lemon juice -- totally safe and 100% effective)


I keep one of these in my tanks that i don't want Aptaisa in (I copied the discription directly off an internet site):
Sunburst Butterfly Fish
Chaetodon kleini
The flanks of this fish have an attractive golden colouration, each scale being picked out with a darkish spot. These spots under normal top lighting appear to be blue-black, but when the fish is seen under reflected front light, it will be noticed that both spots and the vertical head stripes are a rich purple-blue colour.
This fish is unique among the family Chaetodontidae for its hardiness, resistance to disease and eagerness to feed in captivity. It is sometimes known as the White-spotted Butterfly fish. Of the butterfly fishes, this species is probably the easiest to keep.