Heyy T!! How are you??
Ok I know this respones is waaaaay overdue but I obviously went MIA for awhile and just happen to be nosing around today and happen to see this
Soooo in my absence, I have since had twins and gotten remarried!!!! I am SERIOUSLY thinking of gettin into the SH hobby again. I only have 1 sw tank up and running which is a far cry from a few years ago when I had about 3. I have a lil blue striped pipe tho so Im still keeping it in the family LOL
I was actually in Fl a week ago and was thinking I should have gotten in touch with you b4 I came down so I could have adopted some of your babies if they still needed good homes
I hope to be back a bit more now so I hope you see this and we can chat more soon!!


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Hello there! Welcome back to the fold, and you know you're obligated to share pics of the bluestripe pipefish now!
I wish I could say that T will be right around to say hello, but she hasn't been on in a while actually...she's dealing with some family issues and I'm sure you can understand that family comes first! I keep expecting to see her back here; one day soon I hope!
In the meantime, feel free to snoop around. We have a couple people running SH tanks right now....myself, Flower, and Gemmy, plus a few others who pop in from time to time. Gemmy has a pair of Erectus, Flower has some H. kudas, and I have 4 H. erectus...three of which were from Theresa's brood, actually!
So...let's get you started on a new seahorse tank......