Ocean Motions Super Squirt

I just bought this and I now I'm not going to get a chance to use it because I am getting out. I bought it from a guy and he said it was 2 years old. It's very clean and it works great and it also comes with a brand new spare motor. It comes with everything in the picture ready to go. I would like to get 200 OBO shipped for it. This has the version 3 drum.

This is what you use when your tank is drilled for a closed loop system. The little motor on it turns a part in the drum and alternates the flow to each return line. This model returns water in the 1st and 3rd pipe and then as the motor turns it shuts off those 2 and it returns the 2nd and 4th pipe. It makes a great current in your tank which makes less dead spots.


Mike contact jackandstacey on our local site. I know he was talking about running one on his tank. Not sure if he has one yet or not, but he might be interested in grabbing it from you if he doesn't already have one.
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