Oceans headed for mass extinction :(


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ALWAYS question who is saying these things and what their motive is for saying it.
IPSO is a discredited group of pseudo-scientists looking for UN grant money. The used to be the IPCC until they were completely debunked, so they changed their name and continued on.
There may be grains of truth here and there, but be skeptical.


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The article is certainly a hodge-podge of many things dooming the ocean.... And a mixture of things I do, or do not believe to be true.
Rising temperatures and increasing acidity in the ocean from fossil fuel gases? I just don't believe it.
Chinese (more so Asia as a whole) overfishing and fertilizer runoff (pollution runoff) causing problems? Definitely.

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One cannot take anything viewed on MSNBC as fact, truth, or likely possible....The only thing they get right .0025% of the time is historical events (like what the Dow Jones did today)..The NBC (and others) network has a massive left wing agenda that leans only ONE direction, where NO opposing view, discussion, talking points, or thought are allowed or even possible. Any such opposing thoughts/considerations vanish like a fart in high winds.
The average volcanic eruption (a good one) spews more toxins into the atmosphere within 10 days as mankind (in total) has done since time began. . Sadly, some people like to believe that the end days are here, now, or at best within 10 years - but our planet has seen SOOOOO much worse than we could possibly imagine, yet it recovered by itself to be what it is today. This earth has seen abslute horror on a global scale, multiple times and recovered. I doubt any possible "calamity" some "scientists" wanna say that the oceans are pissed at humankind, and ready to unleash hell on earth. Most of the same frauds spewing this verbal vomit also claimed 10 years ago that Miami, NYC, LA, and Houston would all be under sevreal feet of water by now, and the polar icecaps would be gone. . . . bla, bla, bla.....it's always a crisis, and it's our (human) fault....so quit farting, and don't buy beef, cause bovine flatuance causes excess methane & CO2......bla bla. bla
Prior to man - lightning sparked wildfires burned large percentages of CONTINENTS before the seasons changed and they were naturally extinguished or just burned out after going from coast to coast.... Fires/droughts/floods/hurricanes/earthquakes/tordadoes/tsunamis - are all natural and man cannot affect them much.....-....though he do try.
Crude oil is a natural substance, and EARTH is capable of dealing with it in it's own way - MSNBC had multiple "scientists" back during the "crisis" professing the BP oil spill was the death of the entire gulf of mexico, and some claimed, the oil would wind up all over the entire east coast of the US. Some even thought it'd poison large parts of the atlantic ocean - but the oil spill TODAY
is only a memory, and the signs of it are vanashing faster than the pundidiots that swore it was gonna be the end of mankind. (BTW - crude oil naturally seeps out of the floor of many parts of the gulf of mexico - in MASSIVE ammounts, and there are trillions of cubic feet of crystalizied {solid} methane in the same body of water that are on the sea floor, and we have no idea how to harvest it.)
At any moment because of a variety of causes, a true mass extinction can happen, and not only will humans NOT have had anything to do with it, the species may not survive, along with many thousands of others..
Ships are purposely sunk to become "man made reefs" - it takes 20-30 years for good coral growth to occur - 50 to 100 for a true reef with little sign of the original ship to happen.....Reef die offs happen naturally due to many factors like earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, disease, parasite inestation, overpopulation of one species, etc. - but given 20, 50, 100, 500 or 10000+ years, the cycle of rebirth and death happens over & over - and - - HAS, AS EVIDENCED BY MULTI-MILE DEEP CORAL SKELETON DEPOSITS.
News flash for MSNBC viewers
- the moon is slowly getting further & further away from earth, and eventually there will be no more tidal changes on the planet, and the sun is just as slowly getting hotter & hotter & larger, and it's corona will almost consume our planet, evaporating all water, and melting the surface of earth into glass.........women and minorities to be hardest hit.
So be happy with today, and hope ya get another one!
When you go back in earths history the earth warms and coolsdown on a regular basis. Since the last iceage 30,000 years ago scientist with very little doubt say that the earth's tempeature is rising at the same rate as it has for the last 3 iceages.
personaly I don't buy the Global warming BS.
This is sad. I was thinking the other day about how its possible some people will be showing their tanks to kids and saying "this used to be in our oceans".


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Originally Posted by sviellvoicae http:///t/386311/oceans-headed-for-mass-extinction#post_3412891
This is sad. I was thinking the other day about how its possible some people will be showing their tanks to kids and saying "this used to be in our oceans".
It is indeed sad that there are consortiums that play on the fears of the uninformed to advance their agenda to bilk us all of our precious resources (UN grant Money).
It is equally possible that in a million years, some Powder Blue Tang might find a CD of Glee, pop it into the media player and say to it's kids "Can you believe these really used to be on our land?"
Consider the source, question their agenda. This particular group only serves itself.