Ocellaris Clowns need a home please help !!


Ok…Please help !!! I have 2 ocellaris clowns, and I am looking for an anemone for my clowns. My LFS has their anemones going on sale this weekend and I want to capitalize on this, and give my Clowns a “Christmas” present if you get my drift… I cant make up my mind…any suggestions ???
i have a 30" Satellite Dual Fixture(Fan Cooled) 1x65 Watt Daylight, 1x65 Actinic, with 1 lunar light on a 30Gal tank, which is 4.3 watts per gallon.


OK I'm sure you've heard it before but your clowns are perfectly fine without anemones. Have you tried having more power head? They love those, lol. I'm not sure what other inhabitants do you have in your tank (corals, crabs, etc.) because having an anemone might actually complicate things sometime. Besides, I don't think you have sufficient lighting for an anemone. I'm sure others have told you this but WPG isn't exactly the best measure for sufficient lighting for anemones. How old is your tank?


I'd rather see more lights myself, I prefer to see about 200~220 watts over any of the smaller tanks from 30 on down. WPG rule on these smaller tanks just doesn't compute.


i would go with watt per inch
for example i have 72 watts in a 10 gal and his is about 7 inches away and he is doing great
but on any tank i try to push atleast 7 to 9 watts per gal just in case