Ocellaris won't eat!


I got a mated pair of ocellaris on Thursday and the female has not eaten any. I've tried flakes, pellet, frozen package. Today I've added 10 drops of Kent Extreme Garlic to the 210g tank they're in but she still hasn't response (the male eats some). She seems irritated too, swimming from one end of the tank to the other real fast, then up and down along the glass wall and repeat the whole thing all over again. The male swimming along like he's trying to comfort her.
Also, I can see their red skeletons since I've got them. Is this normal?
Water parameter is checked by my LFS and they're:
Nitrate: VFT
All the other fishes eats fine. I have 7 chromis and 4 firefish gobies before the clowns.
I'm pretty much out of idea..


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every clown has a unique personality, some might be nervous
and scared, some might be happy, loving, each one has a diffrent personality, thats why it is so hard to find a mate for a clown.
maybe she is not used to having such a big tank.
did u get her from a smaller tank?
im not sure on the red skeleton thing.... i can only see my males but BARLEY, almost not visible. maybe he needs to eat a little more healthy food. try giving them formula 1. thats what i give all my fish. my female is the biggest pig during eating, and she is really aggressive. good luck


my male just got a belly full , my female still haven;t eat . I'm gonna go try to dig whatever my LFS have left
ps I got them from SWF, don't know what kind of tank they were in before :(