Octopus NW150 Skimmer problems


I have a used Octopus skimmer which I turned it on the other day to see how it was working and the water overflowed out of the top of the collection cup. I could not find a way to regulate the amount of water into the skimmer and I think I'm missing a piece. If you know what the piece is called, or any other help would be appreciated.



on the hole there should be a

where you plug a piece of airline into. then it runs up to the neck of the skimmer and a silencer is attached to the other end of tube. ill post a pic if you need it


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I see no air intake(venturi) with tubing on the inlet of the pump. I'd go to Home Depot and buy a 1/4' male to male water fitting in the plumbing aisle, then buy 1/4' tubing to attach to the water fitting. This is one mod that will not constrict the pumps air intake as the original venturi did. Simply put the 1/4' male to male fitting in the hole on the pumps inlet, you may have to drill out the hole a bit, so this larger venturi can fit.
As for the water level in the skimmer, it is regulated by the riser on the output of the skimmer. You raise or lower this pipe to control water level in the skimmer itself. A few pics of what the pumps intake should look like after you do this mod.



I figured out what the overflow issue was. I like the modification you did, I may consider that because the airline to venturi connection on this skimmer is poor and there is not a whole lot of air intake. Thank you for the help!