odyssea MH any good?


I was just looking at the odyssea MH fixture and it is by far the cheapest MH fixture I have seen. But was wondering if it could really be that big of a difference between any other MH fixture. I mean, the bulbs can't be that different, right? I dunno, anyone that can help me thats owned one or knows someone who did, let me know how they are.


where did you find that brand i have been looking at alot of web sites and have not seen that brand. Check out hellolights.com very good prices there too.


I think it's all made with non-name brand stuff that is why it's so cheap, but has anyone ever used this stuff? is it any good? I'm sure it isn't as good as the usual stuff but for the price it only really needs to be half as good for half the price, anything better then that would be considered a deal.... if anyone has bought one of these, please post your experence with the equipment good, bad, normal whatever it may be. thank you.


whats up with the links to other sights?
anyway my wife has the odyssea pc's and they are terrible and my friend dave has the mh and he dosent like them either. I am not saying dont buy them, but you kinda get what you pay for in this hobby, why pay 300 bucks for lights when you can get good ones for another 300 bucks. I want to eventuially get mh lighting but I dont think I am ready to settle on bad quality, I just want to be happy with the stuff I buy.


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why pay 300 bucks for lights when you can get good ones for another 300 bucks.
"Why pay $15,000 for a car when you can get a better one for another $15,000?"
It took me months of saving to justify a $150 PC. In theory I could have used a paycheck or two to get a full-on MH+PC setup or something similar, but they wouldn't have done much good when my power got cut off, or when I couldn't afford the gas to go pick them up! The difference between $300 and $600 is, obviously, 100% more money!
What exactly did you find wrong with the Odyssea PC setup that makes it "terrible"?

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Originally Posted by Zeromus-X
"What exactly did you find wrong with the Odyssea PC setup that makes it "terrible"?
My thoughts exactly I got the odyssea pc and the only thing wrong with them that i see is that there is only one power plug and the cooling fans are noisy. They work great for me (granted I have very litttle experience with saltwater aquriums or lighting)


I just wonder about the stength of teh ballast / bulbs I would not really care about the one plug or most likely useless fans which I could disconnect. How powerful is the ballast and are teh bulbs worth a dam?


I'm worried about the bulbs as well. I just think that I would probably change to 10000K bulbs and that would mean adding about 120.00 to the bill.


they say there bulbs are 20000k which are a good spectrum much better looking then 10000k.But there are bulbs out there that are just not as bright for they are cheap.


ill tell you exactly what was wrong with them
1) the stand sucks
2) the fans burnt out on the third week of use
3) after the fans burnt out the bulb melted the rubberband holding the light and melted the plastic deflector
4)the moonlights are cheesy
5)and the fact you have one plug and need to put the daylights and atinics on (2) timers
and that is just the pc's
my friend got the halides and said the ballast is so loud he could hardly sleep and the light got really really hot. he had to unplug them cause he was afraid of a fire.
it might be more money to buy a better light
but that is the diffrence between a hyundai and a bmw
and one cost more for a reason.


i have the odyssea pc's. i have some of the same complaints. including the melted rubber bands, the light is too short for the stand to work withou modification, and only one power cord. i suppose the lights themselves work alright. I suppose you get what you pay for.


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i also have the PCs. The same complains, fans burned out, but come on periodicaly. They do not creat enough heat where they are needed though.
But for about 100$, 192 watts can go far for a jobless kid in school whos just starting this coral keeping buisiness with a few softies in a tank 16 inches high.
the price is right for me.
what you were syaing is true though about why spend another 300$ for good lights? But those not as good ones are offly tempting to be able to get what you want,make due with a few minor flaws, AND have an extra 300 bucks in your pocket, that is if you even have 300 bucks to spare.