OH my Freaking God


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Guys, you should take this somewhere else. =( Not all teenagers do drugs, and no one said that her daughter was. I think this is a little inappropriate in a thread where someone was looking for reassurence and emotional help.
He right let it go on this thread, if ne thing pm me or somthing but not here


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So Jenny, how will this hit you financially? I assume you have your daughter on your insurance plan, but does your plan cover prenatal care and the cost of the pregnancy for your 16 year old daughter? I honestly don't know how insurance companies cover this in a family medical plan.
As others have said, make sure to set rules right now that when this baby does come, your daughter will take full responsibilty in the caring of this child. Don't let her expect you to be the full time babysitter. She'll also have to take on the extra responsibility of staying in school so she can graduate from high school and hopefully go onto college. Unfortuately, it looks like she'll have the baby next August or September, which means she may not be able to attend school the first part of her junior year. You need to go talk with her school counselor and see how they deal with this type of issue regarding making up the class work and time so she doesn't lose an entire year of school (trust me, I'm sure the school has a procedure for this. Your daughter definitely won't be the first person this has happened to at her school).


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My 16 year old just told me she was pregnant.
I tried so hard to tell my girls how tough it is being a teenage mom...anyone got some advice cause all i really wanna do is cut his @#$^ off and cry before i hang myself.
You are already doing the "best first thing"; not trying to bury the truth, and sharing with friends. (This is as touchy-feely as I ever get).


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oh my gawd!! I have a 16 year old and I can't even imagin what you are going through. Hopefully she knows how truely difficult this will be on everyone. You already know, but I think teens think it is going to be different for them.
Good luck, I hope all goes well.


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You should do homeschooling like crypt keeper said. I'm home schooled and have been for 5-6 years and love it.
And exactly how is supposed to make a living home schooling a 16 year old? It's nice when one or the other parent can stay home playing Suzie or Joe Homemaker. But with today's economy, and being able to even keep a job to make enough to have a decent living, both parents usually have to work. And if I'm not mistaken, Jenny is a single parent. Not to mention, home schooling may be great for the kids, but it's not a cake walk for the 'teacher'. I admire any parent who has the patience to even attempt to stay home and teach their kids. Personally, I wouldn't last a week.


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Well, after checking all my receipts, it wasn't my son. I don't think we have been to TX in the last year or two

Jenny, I'm truely sorry for the temporary disruption that has hit your family. But as others have stated, I personally don't know of any family that this has happened to where it did not work itself out as soon as that baby gets here. Best of luck and I will be praying for you.


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I have my feelings that are always abundant with pointy corners and sharp edges but this is about celebration. No matter how inconvenient, no matter how stupid or unplanned some might label it. It is a life changing event. Furthermore to know that your close enough with your own daughter for her to know to reach out to you instantly when faced with such a situation. Family is never perfect. But you have one another.
Congrats Granny!


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thanx everybody, sorry i was wigging out, i think i just need time to adjust to the idea, i had a heart to heart with my mom and she was like '' i wanted to kill you when i found out but as soon as i heard the heartbeat i was in love'' i am personally rooting for a girl