Old PC bulbs


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Heya, just remember, PC's have mercury in them and should NOT be thrown into the trash. This goes for any spiral PC bulb as well, and regular flourescent bulbs that come in stock hoods.
Find out from your town how to discard them, or wait for those hazmat collection days. I just dropped off 18 bulbs on saturday :)


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great thought. there are many hardware stores that also recycle PC bulbs (well around here they do) call around and find out where to dispose of them properly.


around here they tell you to put them in with the regular trash. they arent big on recycling yet they are getting there but for now its just a toss and go type thing around here. I wish they did more recycling but thats one of the cost of living in a super small town.


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when you have as big of a mercury problem as CT does in the river, they will start...
we can't even eat very many of our CT river trout or bass :(