omg!!! please help me asap!!!!!!!


you have a 26G.....I'm not really sure, but if I had to guess...I would do at least 10g today...test later, and prepare for another one if the levels are still showing
Is this stress coat marine?


Have you always used that stuff? Just do your w/c with the water you have ready....make another batch for tomorrow Just in case.....


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aquar pharmaceuticla? strees coat + tap water condishoner?
it says removes ammonia?
I would do the stress coat and something called StressZyme to replace the bacteria cultures :)
This happen to me where it stayed cloudy for a week.


If I was you, I would also get a Calcium and alkalinty test kit, your LFS should be spanked for selling you a 2 part dosing kit and not telling to test for these first. You may not need the 2 part system. If you do weekly water changes you may find you have sufficient cal and alk. I would also continue doing water changes will ammonia is still showing to help your fish. Your tank is very cute, good work.

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You can get Reverse Osmosis water from most grocery stores. It is 39 cents a gallon in Minnesota. It is better than tap water. Also try to find a local reef club. A lot of the people on this forum have massive amounts of sand in their underwear. Not everyone though. Also you can fine great deals on livestock and equipment from people that live near you, and sell stuff as well.


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Sharkbait - When you mix your saltwater, do you put a powerhead in the water to agitate it for at least 24 hours? This will insure the salt gets mixed real well with the water. Also try and avoid dumping the entire bucket into the tank. Any salt that didn't get mixed will settle at the bottom of the bucket, and when you dump it all in, you will get cloudy water like you're seeing. I would also check your filter to make sure it's working properly. Even if you had a 'salt storm' or 'sand storm' after changing water, it should've cleared up after 3 days.
Go to the LFS you purchased the tank from, and ask them if they sell RO/DI water. Most shops will sell you a 5 gallon container with fresh water for around $8. They also have premixed saltwater for around $1.50/gallon if you're not real familiar with the salt mixing process. You can then take the container back the next time, and they'll refill it for a couple of bucks. I would try and avoid using tap water with the conditioners. Depending on where you live, the water could have so much junk in it, that the conditioner can't get all the impurities out.