? on clown fish


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I have been doing a lot of work on my tank trying to get rid of an outbreak of hair algae and briopsis. I have been pulling coral out to tweeze the briopsis off the rock, I had to catch my clown today to work on the tank.

My question is- could all this cause him to get stressed and get ick? He's about 5 yrs old (not sure that matters) and is the only fish in my tank.


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I agree. What you are doing is definitely stressful to the Clownfish as they are very territorial. But Ick is a parasite that would have to have been introduced into the tank by another fish.

Question though, has there ever been a fish in that tank that had Ick?


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Ohhhhh, I thought that fish ALWAYS had ick, and that when stressed, they can have "an outbreak ".

That makes me feel better, and no, no fish ever with ick.

Thanks guys