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Nice! I'll look you up. lol Yeah... But once you upgrade everything, make a few more cities you can attack other people. Just be careful with who you attack. ;-)
I started to build my second city and got my butt handed over. They plundered and attacked and stole the city! The big jerks. Although they didn't try to go after my main city.
Im on server number 81 and the state is Tuscany. So Im back to the one city. I think Im just gonna build it up and then move to the next city when I can send resources from the first or something.


I used to be pretty big into WoW. I still have the subscription though.
The game is great great fun but at times extremely frustrating. I would advise no one to play this game because it has literally shaved straight months off of my life. Hooray for or i'd still be spamming chain heals!

I had a great 3+ years playing wow and have actually grouped with some famous ppl before <drew carey, wanda sykes> Good for a cool point I guess.


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Woot.. Modern Warfare 2 comes out tomorrow... Hitting up Gamestop about 10:30 or so to wait on midnight release.. They are moving systems and TV's outside so we can play before they can sale it..
Should have it in my hands in 24 hours...


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Hey Jaodissa and Deadly_Legend, how much gold do you have in Evony? I have 1,270,000,000 gold in one city. LOL
hahaha! I only have 5 mil in my biggest city. Everything else is 400kish. Im kinda stumped on what to do next in the game though.