Orbit Marine IC Pro Dual LED - Bluetooth

I just picked up the IC Pro Dual to replace my aging TrueLumen Pro system I previously had installed. I really do enjoy the BT interface on the app and easily being able to change the timing of the system along with being able to customize the color as well.

That being said...the system came pre-programmed with the default 'daylight' as:
Blue - 90%
White - 75%
Red - 85%
Green - 30%

However below those manual settings it has the typical 10k, 12k, 14k presets as well.

When those are selected the other color channels max out and really the only difference is the percentage of white.

I'm curious if anyone knows why the R/G are so low with the 'default' settings?



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No just an explanation for the default. I’d adjust to whatever you like. Just be aware of the needs of what you want and the needs of what you don’t want.

plants need more red light. Corals need more of the blue and UV. My refugium light is very pink looking where my tank light has a lot of blue and UV. I’m trying to discourage algae in the tank but encourage it in the refugium.