OT: Best Avatars... A contest!


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Ok, we'll turn this into a poll once we get some nominees.... I know this topic has been through here before, but everyone has changed there's since then, at least many of you have... I'm too good w/ computers, so mine kinda sucks, but it's me.... One of my favorites is Daniel441's avatar... TT racer getting air.. Gotta love it! So if you think you have a cool avator, let's see it. Then we'll have a vote! The prize? hmm, well I'll think about it....:cool:


Thanks! Glad others get a kick out of it too.
-I believe theres a sticky in the Photo Forum that tells how to make them. Also it has a link to a video you can download that shows how.


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A Sooner is the people that cheated in the land runs by hiding and getting to the land they picked sooner. And yeah we'll get the national Championship! :D