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well, its official I'm going into the airforce, I leave in a few months for basic...but the good news is that I scored very high on the ASVAB so I can pretty much do whatever I want to jo
ise...but I'm prolly going into special forces ( pararescue ) as long as I qualify physically for it...pray for me I'm gonna need it, if i make it into this program the next year or so is going to be extremely hard for me...but it'll be worth it, but hey I'm gonna be around to pester you folks for another couple of months :D


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Congrats, my Dad was special forces with the Army. 82 airborne. Jumped out of perfectly safe airplanes!! He just retired, he had a great career.
Good luck and thank you!!


I retired from navy special forces after 20 years. It was the best job I could ever ask for, not to mention the benifit of seeing the world several times over. Like they say, it's not just a job, it's an adventure! And not to pick one force over the other, my brother did 20 years in the air force and loved every minute of it. He was a load master on a C5, we even had the pleasure of flying together durring one of my deployments. The pleasure part was the 10 days we were broken down in Rota, Spain.
Good luck in and I wish you well in your new ADVENTURE.

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good luck man
i did 4 years acitve in the us marine corps infantry, then decided to join the fla national guard as a part time gig. well i have been in the middle east since feb 10th, so its not so part time. but in my experience the air force is hooked up in the way they take care of their personel. i lived on the ground in a concrete bunker for months, while they have nice a/c trailers, which is a big deal in the middle of iraq. there are more examples that i have had the pleasure of observing of the differences in the armed forces, but the air force is a smart choice, esp if you scored high on the asvab.
again good luck with it all.


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I graduated from college in 1969 with a draft deferrment based upon childhood asthma. Never thought I would wind up today as a retired air force officer and working as an army cilivian. Best Thing I ever did was joining the air force.
Again congrats.


Army Vet here. Played in the sand box back in 90. I think you will enjoy it greatly. was the best decision I made. I did not make it a career but the training I received was well worth it. Here is a little advice but it is JUST MY OPINION. Pick a career you know you can use when you get out. That was some advice my father gave me. (22 Years as a grunt) I picked Communications and still working at it.
Hope you enjoy yourself and get to experiance distant lands safely!


i was in the army infantry, got out and am Air force sat comm now. Way better treatment than the army heheh. For your specialty make sure you are in good shape before you go because you are going to lose alot in basic. Sorry the one benefit of army basic over air force basic, army basic will get you in shape at least better than you were before in most cases.



Originally posted by DPDIVER
Pick a career you know you can use when you get out.

If I get into the PJ program and finish training, at the end I will be a cerified EMT, and SCUBA I'll be able to jump out of airplanes, I'll be a qualified air traffic controller...and at the end i'll be able to put special forces on my resume...so when i get out I would have a choice of a few things :)
Thank you all for your support, its nice to know people still respect the military


I'm an Electrician on a Nuclear power plant on a ballastic missile submarine in the Navy. Getting out in about 7 months, but it's been a fun 6 years, sometimes...
There's a lot of bs to put up with, but you'll meet some great people and have some of the closest bonds you ever could have.
Prob not quite as close as we have on subs, but i'm sure they'll be relatively close.
Good Luck.
Some advice on bootcamp.. Ignore the RDC's or whatever they call themselves in the air force. They can't do a thing to you. Just do your job, and keep in line, and you won't have a problem. Their yelling and screaming doesn't mean anything.


I read somewhere once that air traffic controllers have more heart attacks than any other job due to the high stress levels.
Very little in the military "carrys over" into something you can use in the civilian world.
Para rescue is like seals I beleive. Not your actual job "rate" but something you can do above and beyond. Make sure you like your actual job incase you don't make the cut. It sucks "I know from experience" to do a military job for low pay and all the crap rolls down hill ESPECIALLY if you don't like what you are doing.
After all the negativisim. Good luck. Thank you. Keep your head down.


dpdiver & hunterdaddy brought up a good point.
The job you have means a lot.. Once you're in one job that actually requires any skill, it's extremely difficult to get out of it. They have you in whatever you're in. Also consider the future pay and incentive you'll get for the job you do. As a nuclear trained technician, and as a submariner, we get tons of extra pay.. Enough to make our pay decently higher than those with degrees. We prob make more than most first 2/3 year officers. So definitely look at the future in the job you do. As an electrician, there is a lot of options after you get out.
Consider life after the military when you consider a job. A lot of jobs sound cool, but they don't really do anything worth while outside of the military. Not referring to special forces, but to some actual rates (jobs) such as missile tech.. The job sounds like it could be associated with the actual working of the missile, but it's mostly support systems.