"OT".MR BUBBLES,,I saw this and thought of you!!!


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LOL Mr. SALTY!!! :D I was walking down the street today and saw a guy(Maby Mr.Bubbles) dreesed up in a Mr.Bubbles costum!!! Blowing Bubbles!

mr. bubbles

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<img src="graemlins//yeahright.gif" border="0" alt="[yeahright]" /> No, GBR, I was not dressed up in a Mr.Bubbles Outfit. I was at school all day long. And Mr.Salty, I have to admit, I did laugh a BIT. I got some bubbles for X-Mas. Still have them. Now, im logging off, going into my world of shadow! <img src="graemlins//yeahright.gif" border="0" alt="[yeahright]" />


I was just wondering if it was the "magic bubble" wording or the "Magic wand inside" that made you think of him?? LOL!!!


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Too funny, Mr. Salty! giggle!
Hey did you see the pic of my sponge in the reef section, I think I got it from the same place as Mr. Bubbles got his..giggle! Lisa