Other Wrasses for a 30g


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Other than the six-line, what other wrasse would I be able to keep in my 30g breeder?
Tankmates are a Royal Gramma, Tomato Clown, a Shrimp Goby, and three pepp shrimp.
Negative on corals.


You could look into flashed wrasses and fairy wrasses. Be aware that some are jumpers. I recently lost a Carpenters wrasses because it jumped. I will be replacing it with a McCosker's or Blue fairy.


a flasher wrasses would be good..most fairys get too large for that size tank..but some of the smaller ones might would work..also possum wrasses are a good fit too...but for any of the wrasses you will need a top..all the fairy and flashers are expert jumpers and egg crate is no good it will not hold them in