P H Question


My PH in my tank is 8.2, is that high, and if so how can i safly lower it.
29 gal
20 lbs LS
13 Lbs LR


Nope. 8.2 is on the low end of normal. I believe the safe range is 8.2-8.4?? You are just fine. In fact, I have seen additives that adjust the PH to 8.2.

bang guy

8.2 is just fine.
I just want to add that your PH will fluctuate. To get a good feel for your PH test it just as the lights come on and then again just after they shut off. Ideally it shouldn't vary but in the real world it shouldn't vary more than 0.2


Aquaman 8.2 is great and will iincourage a healthy aquarium.
Over time however most aquariums will eventually lower in ph due to lack of bicarbonates found in contained systems. Unlike the ocean which has unlimited bicarbonates keeping a stable ph. I add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in new water when performing water changes. Keeping ph in the 8.0 to 8.4 range for years.
good keeping