Panther Grouper still will not eat...


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He is in my 29g QT
trite 0
trate 10
spec grav 1.025
temp 79
ammonia 0
Yellow tang in there eats like a pig
He ate at first and has stopped... does not swim around anymore
Tried silversides, krill, mysis, pellets, what else should I try...
Live Guppies???
His head looks pinkish and body brownish... he is about 3in and hasn't ate in about 10 days!


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return immediately. if you see it later in the week you'll have a good lfs. if not then you know you made a mistake and they make many.
next time ask a lot of questions as to what and if the fish is eating. if the tanks are painted back then likely they don't have someone up front watching which fish eat and which are going to die in a week. if noone knows what the fish eats immediately, then you're in a lfs morgue.


did you try some garlic extreme or any other garlic addatives?there good for getting fish to eat.did you try giving him another type of food?.sometimes fish lose there taste for certain he getting harrassed?yellow tangs can get a lil nasty towards tankmates.


IMO if he isnt eating by now something is very very wrong. When i first got my panther grouper he ate the moment i put him in my quarantine tank. Had tons of personality and wasnt shy at all. With these fish they are either in 100% health or they are close to dieing...just my two cents.


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He ate at first
I dont know whats wrong...
He is very lethargic and is starting too "lose weight"


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Try live ghost shrimp or frozen mysis soaked in garlic, if he dosen't take one of thoose either try to take him back or get out a black suit.


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I have a panther and a yellow tang and they get along fine. My panther loves shrimp! I get the frozen shrimp and thaw it out and give him small cut up pieces. He now takes them from my hand. I hope you can get yours to eat because I really enjoy watching mine.