parting out 120gal saltwater setup!!!!


I have a cherry color stand/canopy and 120 gallon setup. Plus everything I have that im parting out. It has a 440 watt VHO light setup with a IceCap Electronic Ballasts. The skimmer is a coralife SS220. I have built a 30 gallon refuge for it. It also has two Mag Drive Pumps with duel returns, plus a Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump. The refuge is fully set up and running. We also have about 120lbs of live rock and 120lbs of live sand. Comes with an almost full bucket of salt, two timers, a 100GPD Reverse Osmosis RO+DI Water Filter for making fresh water to top off aquarium, and any other little things I have. I'm located in Palm Bay, rock and sand must go first before any thing else. tank still running. can get pics. of the rest.
120lbs live rock $200
120lbs live sand $50
cherry color stand/canopy and 120 gallon tank duel returns $300
440 watt VHO light setup with a IceCap Electronic Ballasts $125
almost full bucket of salt $20
100GPD Reverse Osmosis RO+DI Water Filter $75
Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump $20
two Mag 5 Drive Pumps $20 each
coralife SS220 skimmer $75
2 timers $5 each
built 30 gallon refuge and refuge light $80
whole setup $750
prices are not shipped
rock, sand, tank would rather have local pick up



May I ask how long you have had the skimmer going??
I would need it shipped if your willing to 47140.
I am happy to wait until rock and sand is gone if need be.


skimmer has been running about 1 1/2years might be able to sell it sooner but eather way you are first in line for it.

bama man

Would like to know more about your RO/Di. How old is it,brand, how old are the filters,what type hookup does it have?? Can you post pics? Thanks


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i'll take the 2 mag 5's . please pm me your paypal info. i also need a total with shipping to 19301.


ill get the size of the pump and pics of ro and model also I should have the rock sold soon. I have a list of who asked first for the stuff