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Just wanted to give folks a heads on on this person... PODO
She came to my home at the end of last summer/beginning of fall and bought hundreds of dollars worth of saltwater corals/live rock. She post dated checks for her purchases going out about 2 months and then signed her husbands name to the BUSINESS checks. I was skeptical but really wanted to sell the stuff. Everything went fine. She came back a second time and repeated the process...with the checks dating out into December. Of course the last check in the transaction she made the biggest one and of course it bounced when it came time to cash it. (even though I contacted her before cashing and she said it was fine)
After it bounced ($200) I contacted her and she had every story under the sun. She has kids, it's holiday time, she broke her leg, she's broke, etc etc. I gave her slack and time to make up the bounced check and NOTHING. After a short while, she quit answering my emails and phone calls. However I see her on here selling items (some of the corals she bought from ME) and even BUYING things!!! The nerve of this can't pay me my $$ but you can buy things on here?
All will be well soon however, because I have lodged a complaint with my local police. Since she came to MY house and wrote the bad check here, the crime occured HERE, not where she lives. (She lives 2+ hours away) So my last course of action was sending a certified letter outlining my next moves which are, go back to the police and let them know she did NOT answer the certified letter (she has 10 days to do so) and then they will issue an arrest warrant. I don't feel bad one bit, I have given her ample opportunity and over a YEAR to make this right.
The ONLY problem is that the check was signed with her husbands name (it's HIS business) so I think the warrant will actually be for him. Imagine being at work one day and getting arrested in front of your co-workers for something your wife wouldn't rectify?
I don't think I'll get my money back posting here, but at least it will make others aware.
P.S. Something funny I found on the internet when doing a little google search on her and her husbands 'plant business' R & P Greenhouses...
On February 5, 2007, obsessed Perry, MI wrote:
Buyer beware! Paula has a habit of not paying for the plants she receives wholesale. She is fabulous on the phone unless she owes you money, then the caller ID allows her to ignore you. Take note of the fact that she only has a smattering of anything new and brilliant to offer. This is what happens when one cannot pay the bills where a grower obtains plant starts. The majority of what she has to offer is illegally reproduced from cuts and divisions of patented plants. The offering for spring 2007 is very sad for just this reason. Trust me I know she owes me the hefty sum of $1,500.00 - no portion of which is she the least concerned about paying. Do not send her your new-to-the-market plants!