PC Acintic's HELP!


Quick question here, I have an Orbit Lighting fixture /w the 2 65w pc acintics, and the 2 65 w pc flouricents. The question I have is, when I look at the acintics, there are like 4 tubes, 2 of them are brighter blue than the other, and the other 2 are more of a violet. The Flouricents are fine, and all look the same. Are the acints all supposed to look exactly the same? The two different ones are both part of the same bulb, like half of the bulb is more of a violet color.


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Sounds like you have a actinic 03/ 7100k bulb... when you replace them go with just a actinic 03.


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Yea I said the same thing! Great picture.... hope you dont mind me adding this to my /support pics directory :)


thats because there 4 differnt bulbs.
orbits Satellite Duals and come with Dual Actinic (420nm/460nm) and Dual Daylight (6,700K/10,000K) bulbs.