Peppermint shrimp eat bristleworms?


mine just ate one.......i wasnt aware that they had a tastefor these guys// anyone else have any eperiences withthese two?


I don't think they do.......:thinking: ....they may eat a dead one. If they do eat bristleworms, then my peppermint shrimp is "not" winning........:D


Yeah, just last weekend I saw my cleaner pick up a tiny bristleworm and try to eat it. The thing curled up into a little ball and the shrimp kept spinning it around at his mouth like it was a corn cob.
My cleaner is such a pig and hes a spaz about it. He was in such a frenzy he dropped the worm and lost it. Heh.
He's always stealin food from the other guys in the tank. Its no wonder why hes getting so big so fast.