peppermints and cleaners


No problems here. I have a skunk cleaner and a smaller pepp. My pepp usually just comes out at night though, I rarely see him unless I use a flashlight after lights out. I also have a camel shrimp that has been with me forever.


I have had a peppermint with two cleaners in my 37gal. for at least six months with no problems at all. My peppermint is out all the time.


mine get along fine. It is the Coral banded's you have to worry about. Had mine for 2 years now, no problems. Have heard stories about them going postal though


I have a coral banded, two cleaners, a pepermint and a fire shrimp, and they all get along just fine. The Coral Banded went after the last shrimp I introduced, the Fire, but the battle was short lived and there was no loss of life or limb.


thanks, i was going to get a pair of each for my reef tank and wanted to check with others berforehand just to see. I didnt think there would be problems, but wanted to make sure.
thanks again


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Just for clarification - Peppermint Shrimp are Cleaner Shrimp. So are Scarlet Cleaners and Blood Shrimp. There are at least 4 species of Peppermints too.
To answer the question - I always have at least two Peppermints and two Scarlets in my reef. They have always gotten along just fine.