percula clown skip meals


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Please anyone..Help me with this problem....
My percula clown is starting to reject all food that I give...what is happening with it...actually...I don't see any causes of infection such as white spot, gill fungus or any internal infection…from what can I see it seems don’t want to move and just stay on the top of my button polyps…it also breath a little bit fast ….oh…before that, I have 3 percula clown, one saddle back clown, one green chromis, one yellow tail damsel and one blenny. …Actually my percula clown is about 1 year old….
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: below 50 ppm
Ph : 8.3
Water: regularly change with RO
Tank : 3'
So please assist me with this problem anyone…


Have you tried any other types of food? Any recent additions to the tank or major changes like lighting or filtration? How long has it been since he hasn't eatin'? How often do you feed???


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I got a true percula about 3 weeks ago and he doesn't seem to be interested in any food I've given him either. I tried:
  • live brine
    frozen brine cube
    formula 1
    frozen mysis cube
It eats a little bit of everything, but doesn't go crazy for anything.


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I got a tank raised percula about 3 weeks ago and for the first 2 weeks he would not eat anything. Now he goes crazy for everything. I have read they can be picky eaters.

green wolf

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i have purculas and mine go mad crazy for any food try formula vhp they love it and try brine shrimp they like that to.


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thanx for the advice....actually i'm giving my clown fish with a mix of flake food , live brine , krill , + some SERA fish this enough for the clown.....i'm wondering ..of using garlic for parasite protection , but i don't know how to mix it with the food...please assist me
RR :)