Perculas not taking to anemone


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I just purchased a Atlantic carpet anemone last week from swf and its doing just great. But, my clown doesnt show any interest in hosting it. What's the reason?? Thanks!


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They are from different oceans for one but I have seen strange pairs- Clarkii and a Haitian Anemone.
I asked the same question one time. Someone asked me "Are you married?" I said yes, they said "Well How Long Did It Take You?"
'nough said.


lol "are you married?"!!!! that great!
anyhoo... ive seen, on occation, clowns not taking to anemone's at all.


how long has it been since you put the anemone in there?, my friend bought a anemone, and the clown fish didn't host till a month


I use cinnamon clowns for my reefs. They send to take to the anenome's pretty quick....2-3 days. Some times over night. The anemone has to be settled and be where he wants to. I have had skunk clowns do the same, but the perc's are usually tank breed for the LFS and they dont know what a anemone is, unless you buy them wild. It just takes time and then they might not host at all. 50-50 chance.