pesky anemones

What's the best way to kill those little anemones apastia? i think that's what it's called. they're small and there's a couple in my tank,


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There are lots of ways:
1. Joes juice - costs a bit of money but highly effective
2. Vinegar - shoot em' up with a syringe and they'll die. Be careful not to use too much or else you might alter the pH of your water.
3. Kalkwasser - "lime water" or ... you can use "Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime." it's the same thing. Mix yourself up a strong batch and use a syringe to poke the little thing and he'll be dead in the morning.
4. Boiling water - take the rock out and pour some boiled water over the top of the hole it's hiding in. Instant death!
5. Copperband butterfly - costly, but fun fish
6. Golden Nudibranch - more costly then butterfly and will die when the aiptasia is gone.
7. Peppermint shrimp - Very cheap and natural means to kill them. Get a few at a time and you will see the little anemones diappear. You won't see the peppermint shrimp unless it's at night.
Cool. Thanks, I would totally just take it out and boil it, but i've just got a couple new Ultra blue polyps growing on the same rock, I bought the frag aboud 4 months ago and kind of forgot it was there. Originally there were 3 ultra blue polyps now i'm counting 8. STOKED! so i moved up right up the front so i can watch for new blooms. But then i saw this little

anemone. So, that leaves me with the best option probably going with a couple peppermint shrimp. will they be ok in a tank with cleaner shrimps? I only have one right now, but have been considering getting another one.
Will they eat any other corals or disturb any of my snails/crabs?
Secondly, Why are the apastia anemones bad? i don't understand.
Are copperband's good community fish? i have lots of passive fish at this point, and I would like to get one of them but, i don't want to intrude on my current fish.