Photo Contest Week 4 Topic: COMPLETE TANK SHOT


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Please submit your best full/complete tank photo for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Good luck!


This was tough since I have a ton of tanks, so I chose my old 40G that doesn't exist anymore. It's not the best FTS, but this was one of my favorite tanks.
40G Breeder (less than a year old):


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I am waiting until I get some fish into my tank before I enter this weeks pic. Woo Hoo, 2 clowns tomorrow! I know my canopy is going to take the prize on this contest. LOL


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(ignore the date, got to fix that on my camera)
This is my 29g. I have two BTAs, two clownfish (to the right), two firefish (the left), and a tailspot blenny(the bottom of the hole in the maroon rock). As far as coral goes, i just have two kenya trees, a gsp that i can never remember the name of, and two purple mushrooms.


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It's for the gorgonians and sun coral to feed them coral frenzy. In college, there was plenty of shot glasses around


I can't believe more people didn't post pictures in this thread.... I understand that with corals as the topic, fowlr people got left out, but everyone has a tank....