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maybe there is an easier way.. i dunno

2 steps.....
1 - open your photo of choice
2 - Go to Edit > Stroke. Choose the color of the border you want and then click OK. You're done.


I've been using Photoshop for 4 years now and I don't know half its potential. It just takes alot of trial and error, and LOTS of patience! I learn new things all the time.
Here is a list of tutorials for anyone interested in learning some cool stuff. - GOOD - Links to TONS of different sites with tutorials. JACKPOT BABY!!!
Just do a search for "Photoshop Tutorials" and start clicking away!
ENJOY!!!!! :)


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wow!! very impressive.
HAckers ... if the RIAA or whatever can smack around some poor college kids for downloading a few thousand dollars worth of songs imagine what the software industry could do to warez sites and those who have downloaded from there ....
You know that act of saying that the soft ware is stolen is kinda harsh. Some one has paid cash for it at time or another then let others get a little bit of the pie... Sounds great.... :eek:


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Overanalyzer it is called IP block. The new kazaa lite even has it built in.

true ... I will not comment further on my knowledge or use of IP blocking .... jsut saying ...



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PhotoShop 7 is the best. I don't know if version 8 is out yet.

Photoshop 8 = Photoshop CS
Its out now. :D Give it a try it is far better than 7.
I have "accuired" photoshop cs, but for some reason, i cant get they key short cuts to werk.. so i am stickin with 7 until then.