Pics Of My 3 Week Old Bio Cube


Its been 3 weeks now and here are pics of my reef tank. What does anyone think? I purchased some cleaners in order to get all that algea out. Also, does anyone know the name of the Anenome that clown fish like to go into? I would like to add that to my 29 galloon bio cube.



love the rock work, that aquascape is very natural! your off to a good start.
looks like you already have an anemone in there, you might not want to have more than one in such a small tank, they can get nasty with each other. keep an eye on it, they usually like a much more established tank, it will probably need regular spot feeding to stay healthy... he also may be a little bleached, you might want to soak mysis shrimp in selcon for feeding.
what type of lights come with the biocube?


I'm not sure what kind of lights come with the Bio-Cube. Thats a good question. Does anyone have the answer to that?
As for the spot feeding, thats a great idea. I'll try that out this weekend. Its been pretty healthy looking so far. I've only had it for 1week though.


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I'll second that it probably isn't enough. Monitor your anemone. It needs light more than food... If you notice it expelling brown stuff out of its mouth then it is telling you that you do not have enough light. Anemones have symbiotic organisms within them that carry out photosynthesis. If you do not have enough light to support the organisms, then the anemone will expel them as it tries to find a balance.
Your tank looks a little cloudy. Do you have a skimmer? A skimmer will help clear up the water some which will let more light get through. Another option is to dose your tank with ozone hooked up to an ORP controller. Ozone will make your water completely clear and will allow the most light to penetrate your water. However it would be simpler to just get a better light fixture than to go with ozone... Just an FYI.


the anemone deffinately will not be good in that tank even if the lights are good it will quickly outgrow that tank. its also not a good tank mate for a lot of fish and inverts. it has a nasty habit of moving and in a smaller tank its a bad combination.
I would see about returning it to the LFS for credit.