Pics of my Tank


whats the stock list
flag fin
snowflake eel
porc puff
coris wrasse
blue throat trig
cleaner wrasse???

hope ya got good filtration!

it's chuck

85 lbs of LR and I been doing and I have been doing a 7gal change at least every two weeks. As far as the Cleaner Wrasse goes I tried for two monthes to get a ORA Neon goby(actually a pair) but they have been marked as N/A on their list for the last few monthes. Finally gave up and ordered sharknose goby and they came in tiny, 3/4" inch and under and mine disappeared after two days. Mine does eat frozen and if he doesn't make it I will not get another


What's wrong with a cleaner wrasse? I'm seeing more and more in people's tanks and they're eating and living just fine. I've had mine for a good while now and it's grown, it eats, great little fishy and very entertaining. It's been an excellent addition for sure. This little guy even stands up to my Lunare. lol sometimes they chase each other in circles.
You do have a high bioload but so do alot of other people. I would up the amount and frequency of the water changes though. Do you have a skimmer?
Oh, and I have a cleaner wrasse too. I have had him from the beginning and while all the other fish died he hung in there and eats anything dropped in the tank. I will probably always have one.

it's chuck

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How do you like the flagfin?
Awesome fish. I love him he fears nothing eats everything! not even afraid of my two foot SFE its pretty funny to watch him swell up on the SFE. However I did get to handpick him from a wholeseller so that helped


How do you feed that hermit without the eel and trigger messing with it. My eel and lunar never let him eat and he eventually croaked.

it's chuck

I don't really I just let my tank get really dirty so he has a lot to scavenge
No but I make sure he gets a couple pellets everybody is used to him. Also he is pretty darn smart knows how to hind from(survived it 3 months with a 4 inch humuhumu knew to hind from him nows the same about the Porky too)