sorry if i made you scroll lol
sometimes i get beside myself.. small pics dont do justice imo..
comments welcome on my personal 75g reef..
a little info on it..
75g display, 75g sump/fuge, mag12 to go with the 1200gph external overflow, vortec, euroreef cs180 skimmer, hamilton 2x250w HQI + 2x110w VHO actinics, UV sterilizer (i forget the wattage - too lazy to look right now), not sure how much lr i have.. sump is full & some in fuge area as well as a sandbed.. i dont think i am forgetting anything, although i could be.. lol


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frags? some of ur zoos are amazing got any frags?
thanks.. sorry no frags atm.. we had a nice lfs around here for a while, till the owner sold it and the new one shut it down to move it.. they were paying around $4,000/month for their lease, so i cant say that i blame him for closing it and moving..


sorry.. seems like i burned out a chip or something on my camera..

no funds to buy a new one - donations welcome

of course it has to happen near summertime, when people take the most pictures (playing with kids outside, etc.)..
oh yea.. and i barely tapped my truck's passenger window today and it shattered.. luck is on my side this week! lol


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you have some awsome looking stuff, i love LR with all the red-orange sponges and feather dusters


WOW about all I can say I hope my 72 bow looks that good someday :) I like the christmass tree worms think I might have to pick some of them up


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Did I see a pair of bubble tip anemones in there? If I may ask, were those regular bulb tip or rose?
Reason is, I want a bulb-tip anemone to pair with my maroon, but the rose (which of course looks the best) is also the priciest. If the standard bulb anemone looks that good under good lighting, I won't have to worry about it! Thanks if you can help!