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Did I see a pair of bubble tip anemones in there? If I may ask, were those regular bulb tip or rose?
Reason is, I want a bulb-tip anemone to pair with my maroon, but the rose (which of course looks the best) is also the priciest. If the standard bulb anemone looks that good under good lighting, I won't have to worry about it! Thanks if you can help!

not sure what you would call them.. they arent the garden variety of bta's.. they are greenish with bright fluorescent orange tips.. bought one, brought it home, temp acclimated it (didnt drip or add water), fed it twice and it split..
i love investments that double in a matter of a week! lol
keep your eye out for one that you really like, and dont settle for anything less.. the only advice i can give ya as far as bta's.. o.. and make sure it looks nice and healthy before you buy it.. and dont follow the example of not properly acclimating it.. it could cost you $$ and cost it it's life.. i know the lfs where i got it from and our tank parameters are very similar..