Plate Babies???


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I have tried unsuccessfully to save a plate from my LFS, it was to far gone. I have read & been told to leave it in there, that it may leave babies behind. Does anyone have a pic of this? I have noticed 2 flouresent green micro dots on the skelaton and dont think this could be it (plate was orange).
Thanks in advance.


Strange you should bring that up, I was talking to my LFS about that yesterday, seems several have died at the lfs, and they have left babies behind. They use rectangular tupperware containers with crushed coral in them, and in one they had several little plate corals, they showed me another whole plate coarl similar but flatter than what footbag was showing you with several little plates on it, hey if there is a chance then leave it.


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Thanks Bang, I was sorta confused by the color diff.:cheer:
Foot - this is a skelaton....not releasing anything
Thomas......I'll try the plastic container, I dont have CC, so I hope the sand is good enough.
Im glad I left it in then!!


i read a thread the other day that was fairly old but was updated about this same thing. sorry i can't think of the name of who did it but i know that there is a thread with good pics on this same topic.
i guess try a search.


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The skeleton is under these baby plates. They start off as very small pieces of flesh and slowly grow until they cover the old skeleton. Eventually they release themselves and chose their location in the tank.


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Foot, sorry, misread. Well they dont look like that, like a said they were tiny green dots, cant find them now:nope: