PLEASE HELP! 1st stages of CYANO!!


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So I look in the tank this afternoon, and sure enough, I see it STARTING. A litte purple fuzzy tint to the sand. So, I syphoned it all out along w/ the sand that it was covering, don't worry, there's still about 2 inches of sand left. I replaced about 1/3 of the water. Then, the pump on my crap filter stops working, so I throw on one of my Emporer 400's from the FW tank, after washing it of coarse. Hopefully, this nipped it in the bud. IF NOT, please let me know the best way to kill this stuff before it gets worse, w/out hurting anything else inthe tank of course. THANK YOU!!


There are many threads on cyano. Do a search and you'll see you're not alone. My cyano seems to be gone. I tried every piece of advise that came my way, so I'm not sure which one worked or if it was a combo of things that got it under control. The last thing that I changed was throwing out my old flake food and getting some fresh stuff. I now keep the container in the freezer. Some of the other things were adding another ph to get rid of dead spots. Shortened the lighting period. I only feed every other day now. And used Chemi-clean as a final punch.
Good luck with it.


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Ah ha. Funny you left this part out of your story earlier. I know why though... to save you an earful. I am compassionate though. :D I too have had serious issues with cyano. I will save my gouges for another time. :p
Now, in my experience.. and I will show you maybe tomorrow...
everything you did so far is ideal. Nice. Now, reduce your light regimen some. Cyano tends to minimalize at night, and thrives
on light.
As people will tell surely tell you.. this is just a temporary fix to a bigger problems. Possibly excess nutrients, phosphates, etc.
I have some ideas about what may be causing your outbreak, but we can go into that later.
Test for phosphates and if yours are high, well, ideally even existent... do another small water change with RO water and put in some carbon in your emporer's filter... maybe put in a phosphate sponge for a bit.
Fix the main problem. That's the bottom line. Check out those other articles. :cool:


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THE SKIMMER IS ON THE WAY! :mad: Why don't you ask the guys at Crapland why it's taking so long?! It's paid for, so I'd better see it soon... Should have gone w/;) Oh well... My new test kits, including phosphates, is in to but I was waiting on the skimmer to get here to pick up everything at once. I'll pick up a the test kits tomorrow then. Phosphate sponge looks like it would work at least for keeping it in a dormant stage while I clear things up. I'm just glad I caught it when I did. If it comes back hard, I'll do the RO thing, but I havenot read alot about the benefits of using it yet. Oh well. Oh yeah.. HT- You can keep your sarcasm and compassion. lol I asked people who know how to respond w/out losing it. You just have a ADHD problem. I'm going to bed. ACCT II testin the AM. :confused:


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GREAT!! I ordered a Prism..............:mad: How much do phosphate sponges run? I'm going to start a fuge, but I need to keep it down until then.