Please help ID


This morning I noticed for the first time about 6 critters crawling on my glass. They are small, about 1/4"-3/8" so I can't get a picture of them. They are tan in color, appear to have 8-10 legs and antenna.
They are similar in looks to a brine shrimp but do not swim, just crawl on the glass.
Has anyone seen something like this? Are they bad for a reef?


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:yes: Probaly PODS, they are small crustations that live in the rocks and help clean up. There good to have. Mostly hide during the day but come out to play at night. A lot of fish will feed on them too.

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Try a search here on our site or via a search engine for copepods.....amphipods....isopods.....I bet you'll find something exactly like what you have in your tank. The vast majority are positive additions......