Please help What’s the problem that im having


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Hi guys how are you.
Ok so this is the problem that I have if im going to have an aquarium I want the water to be SUPER CLEAN to a point where when you look at the fish they look like they are floating in Air.
So my 1st setup I had was a 20 Gallon tank with couple of small fish in it. The filter was a Fluval 304 (260 GPH) and after setting up the tank and in about 5 days the water was CRYSTRAL CLEAR and it stayed that way for ever. I setup another tank just like it
Same thing after 4 days of it being setup the water was Crystal Clear. It stayed like that.
NOW with my 72 Gallon Bow Front tank same setup couple of small fish Sand on the bottom BUT WITH 3X Fluval 404 Filters (340 GPH) each on it Running 24/7 even after 2 Months the water was still not as clean as the 20G tank. Even with or without the protein skimmer.I mean the water is Clean but it just looks like there is a slight white haze to it. I just can’t get this tank to LOOK Crystal Clear no matter what I do.
I asked the local fish store they told me I have to let it sit for a long time which I did more then 4 months I FIND IT HARD TO BELIVE its got anything to do with it I mean one Filter alone is good for the tank I have 3 of them on it and the water never gets as clean as the 20G and its not like its pushing water in the tank and getting debris out in the water its very strange why I cant get it the way I want it to look like

Sorry for the long post but any help would be much appreciated


I can see you got yourself a bigger tank but you havent got your self a bigger filter. Try a wetdry filter, it could make the difference for the increased volume of water. Also try to increase the water circulation in the tank.
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I remember ONE time for like a day or two the water got so clear I was like WOW finally what I wanted then it went back to the old way. I have seen tanks like mine and they are like crystal clear


Get a bit of filter floss, looks like that stuff in pillows but is made for fish, and put it into one of your filters. It is a very efficient water polisher. Check after a few hours as they can plug quickly.