Please help with ich, its bad


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So i have a clown trigger, picasso trigger, harlequin tusk, and a white spotted puffer and all of them were clean till i noticed a larger white spot on the tusks pectoral fin. I left it alone until like last week i went and bought some Herbtana because i heard it was great for my fish and safe for my live rock. I just now took out the carbons so all this time i have been treating i had carbons in. I lowered salinity, raised the temp, treated w/ the herbtana, and just now took out the carbons. I bought the meds when i noticed small white spots on the tusk and all the other fish so for a couple days it all went away except the big spot. Now its back with a vengence and its pretty bad. Please help, really desperate now.


Hi. What all is in this tank? Do you have live rock and inverts? Raising the temp and lowering the salinity without lowering it to hyposalinity level will only stress your fish more. I am not familiar with that med. I am going to move this over to Disease and Treatment so you can get help quickly.


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Yes, please let us know what type of tank set up you have. Live rock or inverts, any corals?


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Nope just premium fiji live rock, live sand, and no corals. Also they got some ich on their eye balls now, is it ok?