Pls read


To all who read or replied to Cmpowells colorful softies question, pls read my last entry in regard to my stupidity,
Just trying to say sorry guys, I really feel horrible..
There are always exceptions to the rule. I wasnt trying to put you down, I realize you were speaking from your own experience. I think it is great that you have had great success with this coral, but was just trying to prevent what could be a bad mistake for most people. I hope you have continued success. Thanks! :)


Susie, don't be so hard on your self. You have had great sucess with your flower pots. You gave advice from your heart. You did not mislead someone on purpose. chear up you are only human I am sure that lots of folks give advice from their own experiance right or wrong. I know I do
so on that note if my advice don't jive please let me know. ;)