Poll..on Anenome/corals


1. How many of you feed you Anenomes by hand.?(or what ever method)I dont mean Filter Foods..
2. What do you feed them?
3. How often do you feed them?
4. And last but not least....Do any of you have Elegence Corals that eat like Anenomes?
I am just curious...Always trying to look for better ways...
Thanks Gang..


once a day
i feed him anything on the menu that day
soaked brine shrimp
soaked plakton
mysis shrimp
choped table shrimp


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I feed my bubble tip shrimp and scallops. I try to feed it ever other day, but realistically, it gets fed 2-3 times a week. No elegance in my tank.


I have a very small flower anemone. Because it is so small I only feed it once a week and the food I give it is usually a very small piece of silversides or shrimp. I think the amount of food given in one feeding is important as the anemones are so delicately structured that too much food, or too large a piece can rupture them.
I am sure that this anemone also captures bits of food fed to the fish, but I haven't actually seen it do this.
As it grows, I am guessing that I will have to increase not only the size of the food, but also the frequency.
This is a good thread as I'm new to the whole anemone thing....wasn't really planning on having one but hey, you do what you can. So how often do you feed yours Susiepan?


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I used to feed my flower anemone a small amount of prime reef once or twice a week directly. Lately I see it picking up bits as I feed the rest of the crew so I don't feed it directly anymore.
It's still growing and looks very healthy.


i feed my green carpet half a piece of krill and my bubble tip i feed the same evry monday and friday. small pieces. i have read somewhere online (when i researched how hard they are to keep) that overfeeding is the main reasons they die. hth mine seem to be doing fine


I usually give a piece of tiger shrimp about once a week. If I feed him more than that, then he starts to split and I have to find homes for the extra anemones.


I feed my larger Anenomes shrimp/krill soaked in Zoe twice a week by hand, and I also feed them bloodworms when I am doing a target feeding for my filter feeders..I soak the bloodworms in what is left over from whatever fiterfeeder food I am using that particular feed..suck it up in a syringe and feed my carpet that way...He/she it..seems to like that, and so do the fish...the piggys they are..
I was curious about the Elegence Corals really more than the Anenomes...I have two Elegence, and one will accept hand feeding, and the other will not...only likes the filter feeding....
Its really neat to watch the coral feed, it will move the pcs of food to what ever mouth it wants...so if it "grabs" it at the top, and the bootom of it is "hungey"? it will work it down to the bottom..Unless my cleaner shrimp gets it first...
Thanks for your answers ALL
~Susie ;)