possible green fish choices


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hey everyone...im looking for a green saltwater fish...I just was noticing in my tank that I have no green...so besides the green chromis what other fish comes to mind that's green...

needs to fit into a 90 gallon cube, semi aggressive or less, reef safe, preferably on the easier side to take care of...pretty much a nice green community fish ...any thoughts...if not I may just have to try a green chromis...my last trio were a bit on the dumb and boring side lol

maybe a green reef safe wrasse of some sort? I have a mccoskers flasher wrasse so it would have to get along with him...


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I'd love to do a green coris wrasse but I'm afraid their temperament would not be good in my tank.

There are so few choices with that color.

Chromis tend to look more blue in my tank than anything and they don't seem to do well in small packs. Or at least not for me.

bang guy

These guys could not be easier to care for. They mostly just sit around but they do have some good personality.



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That's what I was thinking bang...I'm assuming I could grab a couple of them since they are so small and should be fine in a 90...one little 1.5" guy is to gonna spread to much green around lol