Post Pictures of your refugium here!!!!!


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What size fuge should I get for my 250 gallon tank?
I think the sump should be 25%+ of the main tank. You'd do fine with a 55 or 75 as yours.
He is my 20long used with my 65g display. Its got a Euro Reef RS100 skimmer, 3" sand bed, cheato, Xenia (like tdog lol), rubble rock, carbon in a filter sock, and Mag 7 return. Other equipment includes a Reefkeeper 2 controller, 2 Drews Dosing pumps for calc and alk, clip-on fan, and a phosban reactor with brightwell's neozeo rocks powered by a quiet one 1200 pump.



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Originally Posted by NaClH2O Nut
quote-After alot of research, ive found that Cheato is much safer than caluerpa since it doesnt go sexual as easy.
What happens and why?
following this thread, working on adding a fuge, have sump now.
Caulerpa is very difficult to keep from going sexual. First you need to keep a light on it 24/7 with no breaks in photoperiod. Then when you see the tips of the caulerpa turning clear, you must prune them off. When the tips turn clear this is a sign nutrients in your system are low and the plant isn't doing great, so it responds by attempting to go sexual under these conditions. If you don't do both of these(prune and photoperiod), you are pretty much guaranteed to have your caulerpa go sexual, and it can very easily wipe out a tank with it's toxins if this happens. I've personally seen it happen to a friends tank, he lost everything. Not only that, but Caulerpa has also been shown in studies to retard the growth of Stonies(both LPS and SPS), and can also be harmful to fish who ingest it.
Chaetomorpha is a much better macro IMO, because you don't have any of those problems which are associated with Caulerpa.