Post random pics of your fish thread.

rainbow grouper

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I love seeing the diversity of fish in our aquariums so in this thread i would like people just to post random pics of there tanks and fish. I really don't care about, who, what, when, where just post them if you like.

here is one of my best shots of my ancanthrus pyroferus A.K.A chocolate tang


rainbow grouper

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Thank you actually he came in a 52 gallon tank very timid in there but as soon as we introduced to the 140 he was EXTREMELY happy!


Did you say Anthias? I'll play too (they're jealous of all the scorps getting "face time"!)....
P. squamapinnis (lyretail)...this fish is changing sex, note the dorsal spike.

P. flavoguttatus (red-saddled)

O. borbonius



Sticking with the Anthias theme:
My Resplendent Anthias (click the picture to make it larger, I don't know why my photos post small):

Some of my other favorites:
Candy Hogfish:

Leopard Wrasse:

My mated pair of Ocellaris Clownfish (the female just killed her mate about a week ago :-(