Posted about this before but i need more info. Please help


I posted about this strange item in my aquarium. he original post is here:
My question is it used to be like a greenish/blackish color butnow its faded white. I dont know if it is dying or what has happened to it. It did start to frag itself on adjoining rocks prior to this but it just doesnt look right. I did recently add chemiclean red slime remover to rid the red cyano bacteria that was living in my tank but its advertised as totally reef safe. I have had no other casualties and everything else is thriving. What the heck is this and is it healthy?
Thanks in advance!



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Here is all I know on the matter that might help you:
1. When my corals were turning white, I needed new lighting because they were not getting enough.
2. I have been advised that Red Slime Remover sucks a lot of oxygen out of your tank. I had to put random bubblers in my tank when I used it.
Hopefully this helps.