Powder Blue tang?


I want a fish that eats hair algea. I have a 90g tank.
I was told a foxface rabbit would take care of it. On this site however a foxface is listed as not reef safe. I do not have nor like shrimps. Too creepy! Would the foxface be OKay?
So I was looking into a Powder blue tang. But I have a tang. would they fight, is there enough room????
In the tank at the moment: besides CUC and corals
Royal Gramma
golden head goby
Blue Hippo tang
Tube anemone
Lawnmower blenny
2 CoCo worms
2 big feather dusters
I know the Hippo needs lots of growing room. A 125-150 is on my wish list!


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i don't think you are going to find a fish that eats hair algae. a powder blue definitely won't.
manual removal and depriving the algae of nutrients is your best defense.


Thanks, I have done this and its under control. I was hoping to prevent the problem the first place.
If I follow the instructions on the reef food bottle, it over feeds the tank. Nothing looks like it is going to starve to death when I feed once a week instead of every other day. I have a few frags that I wanted to jump start to grow.
Can a Hippo and a powder blue dwell together? The Powder Blue sure is pretty.

mr. limpid

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To keep tangs it recomended to have a six foot long tank. Kepping a hippo and powder blue depends on each individuale fish. If trying to keep them together best to put them in together or the way I'm going to try is to put the hippo first then the powder blue later. I would wait until you get the bigger tank before adding the powder blue. This should be the last tang added. Good luck