Power Compacts - thoughts?


Power Compact
Anyone use these power compacts strip lights? I have an 80 gallon tank with about 90 lbs of live rock with 2 fluorescent light strips (with a 50/50 and PowerGlo (??) bulbs).
From what I can tell, it will fit under my canopy (48x6x4).
Would I need to get a "cooling" fan?
What opinions do you have about this lighting unit?
Thanks in advance!


IMO if you have a canopy you would be better off getting a VHO retrofit kit. I just prefer VHO over PC.


One other point I should make.... Looking to keep costs down. This PC lighting cost around $100-130 depending on where I purchase online.

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I use a 2x65 watt smartlite fixture and a 2x65 watt britelite fixture(along with 2x110 watts of URI super actinic VHO's) on my 55 reef. At first I used the smartlite & brite lite lamps...but for the past 30 months or so I've used the CSL 65 watt 10K lamps...I've been pleased with them. You'll be limited a bit in coral selection but I've been able to keep nearly anything except light loving clams and most of the SPS corals.
I do plan to upgrade soon with a dual 250 watt MH retro...but I do plan to keep my 4x65 PC's and my 2x110 VHO's when I make the changes.
I'd say my experience with CSL's products have been positive and I'd give a positive referal for their products. They are a option that is comparable to VHO's in my honest opinion.
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I use PC lighting. The bulbs need replaced about every 6-8 months or you start getting red slime and hair algea. The PCs are cooler than the VHOs. Shouldn't need a chiller unless you live somewhere it gets real hot.