Power Heads...

sunken ship

I have an 18g reef, and the only water flow i have running right now is from my penguin 170 filter. I am thinking of getting a power head or two. What would you guys suggest for an 18 gallon tank?

sunken ship

If anyone wants to see some pics of what my tank looks like now head on over the the Pictures forum and look for my name.


you should go over to the disease thread and read what 2 people said to your thread about your fish....


Well Maxijet are typically recommend for their ability to be turned on and off repeatedly with little wear. I suggest two Ph so you can have current coming from different directions thus creating random waves. Typically best to have them on opposite sides of the tank, pointed toward the opposite corner and crossing.
Many suggest a 10x turnover in water flow, thus 180/hr in your tank, but I suggest more for a reef tank. I would say mayber two maxijet 600s.
Just my opinion.


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definitely, 2 maxijets
or 2 hage aquaclear 201s
but, i do reccomend 2 as well, adn smaller ones.