I have a 55 gallon tank and I just purchased 2 powerheads which do 422gph a piece. I feel like this is a lot of water movement and just want to know if it is to much for my tank?
Also how should I place them in the tank? close to the top? bottom? middle?


Are they the only water movement in the tank? Top of water movement is important to help exchange gasses. I had a 55 long like 4 tanks ago and I had an overflow box down to the sump and then a return pump. With that movement I added one power head attached to one side blowing along the front. I placed the ph about middle of the side not to close to the bottom. You don't want your sand blowing all over.
Smarter peeps than I will quote the water volume x's ratio most like for sw tanks.


Place 1 at each end of tank point them towards each other up to the surface to cavitate the water make some wavesnot big ones ripples. Also what do you have in there?


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You can never make as much water flow as the ocean.one at the top and one half way down the sides at each end of the tank
I don't have anything in there right now im actually just starting my tank im just tryin to get all my equipment situated before I order and start placing my rock. and I just don't wanna have to much water movement toward my rock that it messes up my coral when I start putting coral in the tank.


You are a while from adding corals so not an issue at this time. You will be able to see the movement in the tank and once its stable adding fish slowly and or corals, you will see high and low flow spots to place certain corals in since they all don't have the same flow and lighting requirements.