Preventing contamination of other tanks with ******?


I'm hoping the experts can answer these questions. I have not been able to find this info elsewhere.
How can you be sure not to spread ****** to other tanks? Can it attach itself to your skin while seeking a host? Can they attach to an object placed in a tank? And if so, which I believe I read somewhere, just can't remember where
, I have read so many books on SW fish, How can the little creeps be killed on say for example a net, your hand ect...
Other than soaking in freshwater, how do the experts disinfect to prevent contamination? If they die when exposed to drying out how long would it take? Will hot tap water kill them?
Thanks for any info you may provide.


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It can attach to hard surfaces such as equipment, rocks, corals mounted on rocks, inverts with shells such as clams and snails. It is also water borne as well. Basically, if you have a problem with ich in one tank, then be sure to sterilize any equipment, such as nets, etc., before using it on another tank.
I doubt that it will carry on your hands, however, it is just good practice to wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, rinse thoroughly, before handling any tank.


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i thought u cant stick ur hands in a tank if uve just washed theem?
I don't stick my hands in without washing first. The key is to rinse really really well.